Apps & Project management

Building solutions based on IoT, AI and blockchain technologies.



It’s easier to teach tech nerds about finance, than to teach technology to finance people. With this in mind, we strongly believe that we can disrupt the finance world with our cross-border technology platform.
We make use of other strong blockchain solutions and build our own infrastructure and apps on top of them.

We are looking for partners who have the network and the skills to help making our business a success. We think of webdevelopers
who are experienced with e.g. C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular4.

From a business point of view, we like to meet people who have a network in
developing countries, in the banking and mesofinance sector.


The Hague Innovators Contest 2017

We took place in this contest that helped us rethink in the first round how to create more jobs in developing countries and how to serve us all a better life all together.
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Website under construction

We’re currently working on the website. Please keep checking for more information and further news about our progress 🙂
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Video World Economic Forum

This video shows why good use of blockchain technology has impact on the world economy, especially for the one who deserves it the most: e.g. people who have bad or no access to financial resources.
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